A Novel High Step-up Voltage Gain DC-DC Converter with Low Source Current Ripple

A novel high gain DC-DC converter based on two phase interleaved inductors and switched capacitor
networks is proposed.
The proposed converter has following advantages over other existing converters.
(i) High step-up voltage gain over complete duty cycle range(0 to 1),
(ii) Equal current sharing among the two inductors over the complete duty cycle range which helps in
reducing number of current sensors as explained in the paper
(iii) Reduced ripple in the low voltage side DC source which is good for sources such as battery or
photovoltaic cell or fuel cell and
(iii) Reduced voltage stress on the power switches, diodes and capacitors.
The mathematical proof of above claims with comparative results are given .
The simulation as well as experimental verification results are given in this paper.
The systems such as electric vehicles , grid interphase of energy storage systems and solar systems,
hydrogen cell applications require high step-up gain DC DC converters and this research addresses most
of the problems related to this converter.