Bi-directional Three Phase Zero Voltage Soft-Switching Converter

This digest proposes a DC side active clamping branch with a clamping capacitor in series with two switches in a common source connection to realize zero voltage soft-switching (ZVS) for a bi-directional two level three phase converter. Moreover, conventional space vector modulation technique is modified to realize ZVS for a bi-directional two level three phase converter. Utilizing the modified space vector modulation (MSVM) technique, bi-directional converter can achieve ZVS for all switching devices in both inverter and rectifier modes of operation. The MSVM technique allows all the switches including in; main converter and auxiliary circuit operate at the same switching frequency. Moreover, simulation results are presented in this digest. Furthermore, laboratory scaled prototype of the bi-directional ZVS converter is assembled rated for 20-kW to experimentally verify the theoretical analysis.